Government Relations


Government Relations

A Working Partnership between the “United” companies and NMMA

As proponents of independent business, the “United” companies stand firmly in opposition to unfair, unnecessary, and/or capricious intervention by government in the daily operations of its Members businesses. Because most small businesses are preoccupied with the day-to-day operations of  their companies, it is often difficult for them to stay abreast of important issues, which may have a significant impact on their future operations.

Unfortunately, the only way for government to gain a proper perspective from the affected parties is for the voices of those parties to be heard. Herein lies an enormous challenge. Not only are the companies preoccupied with other issues, but also they are often unaware of the regulatory and legislative issues until they are already affected. Even if they are aware, an inherent problems of democracy is that they simply don’t know what to do, or don’t feel that their input can make a difference.

To help address these problems and unite the industries’ resources, we have developed a working partnership with National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). Our goal is to proactively mobilize our Members and other interested parties in bringing their opinions and influence to bear on such issues. Because of the importance, this program is available to ALL interested parties, without charge:

1. To participate in this program, whether they are a Member of one of the “United” companies or not. All you have to do is register via the accompanying application form.

2. We will encourage all UMMA, UMSA, and UMRA Members and other interested parties to take a stand and to actively express their positions on such issues to their congressional representatives and appropriate regulatory authorities.

3. Once registered for this program, we will provide each company with an e-mail briefing on each issue, based on information and data generated by NMMA’s governmental lobbying division.

4. When action is appropriate, in addition to the briefing, we will provide a series of pre-formatted letters to each company. These will be pre-addressed to their U.S. Congressional Representative(s) and Senators, as well as, where appropriate, government regulatory officials and/or state government representatives. All you have to do is sign and FAX the letters to the parties to whom they are addressed.

5. In addition to this briefing and letters, we will provide a dedicated e-mail site to channel and consolidate input from registered companies. Such input should be directed to

6. While there will be no cost for these functions, we do ask that you should support the NMMA legislative efforts and strongly encourage you to attend their annual LegCon Conference each May in Washington, D.C.

Let’s all “Unite” to protect our companies and the marine industry from the challenges of unwanted and unwarranted government intrusion. The power is in your hands!


R. Kent Wooldridge
President – UMMA
United Marine Manufacturers Association, INC.
Thomas J. Dammrich
President – NMMA
National Marine Manufacturers Association, INC.