What We Are

UMMA (United Marine Manufacturers Association, Inc.) is an organization of independent boat-builders, which, while operating autonomously, have joined together to enhance their collective competitiveness and to address important industry issues which affect their survival and continued prosperity.

  Industry Position

The marine industry has changed dramatically in recent years. Following the attempts during the 1990’s of conglomerates to consolidate the industry, most boat building has returned to independent builders, which tend to focus on specific categories of products in a relatively mature market.

Instead of competing with comparatively cumbersome large conglomerates, independent builders are increasingly forced to compete with nimbler specialized companies, which focus on a particular category of boat, produced in sufficient quantity to achieve production efficiency, while gaining significant purchasing power for the needed components and raw materials. Over time, most significant builders have banded together in a purchasing cooperative (Buying Group) to enhance their collective abilities to compete with the very largest manufacturers in the boat building industry. As a result, very few independent builders can achieve sufficient purchasing volume to compete with the aggregated volume of the remaining conglomerates and/or members of the major Buying Groups..

UMMA believes that new and smaller boat builders have always been an important source of innovation and creative passion for the industry and their survival is a vital component of the industry’s continued appeal to new consumers. We believe that empowering viable mid-size builders to become and remain competitive is extremely important to the future success of the industry. Since its founding in 1995, UMMA has worked toward this goal and has become one of the largest organizations of boat-builders in the marine industry. More than sixty Member companies build more than 30,000 boats per year and work in close partnership with more than one-hundred supplier Members of its sister organization – United Marine Suppliers Association (UMSA). By pooling their collective efforts within a unique, semi-cooperative structure, UMMA Members have improved their operational efficiency, while making great strides toward leveling the playing field in relation to the largest companies in the industry.

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